Rent off road motorbikes like dirt bikes, trail bikes, and enduros that get you everywhere, on both flat roads and challenging tracks. These are real dual touring bikes you need to ride in Vietnam. If you stop or have a flat tire, soon there will be a large crowd of local people around you to look at your bike(s) because most of them never see a bike like this before. With import taxes and luxury tax (above 125cc) from 90 to 120%, dirt bikes are out of budget range for most Vietnamese people. In addition, extremely expensive parts prevent many people from buying one.

Our Dirt Bike Fleet

Vietnam Motorbike Rental owns a fleet of reliable Japanese Honda off road motorbikes from 150 to 250cc which are bigger than at least 98% of bikes on the road. All were made in Thailand (2013-2017 Honda CRF250L) and China (2016/17 XR150L) and most parts and repair services are easy. Prices are based on a daily basis and we offer a good deal for long term rentals (from two weeks). These dirt bikes work with a wide range of riders, from inexperienced to experienced bikers, the less riding experience you have the smaller bikes you should ride.

Why Rent Off Road Motorbikes From Us?

All bikes are carefully serviced before your trip by our team of dirt bike experts in Hanoi. We work on these bikes ourselves and understand them as good as the back of our hands. Therefore, if you have any issues on the road just provide a number plate. Then we will look at repair history and then advise the best solution.

We not only provide quality dirt bikes but also offer professional support in English. We have been in this business since late 2006 and served thousands of customers from all over the world. Our business stands out from the rest for these reasons.

Just contact us with your inquiry and questions. We will get back to you with a quotation and information you need about hiring our off road motorbikes in Hanoi.

Vietnam Motorbike Hanoi Rental - Rent Off road Motorbikes (Dirt Bikes). Vietnam Motorbike Rental Dual Sport Off road Motorbikes 125cc - 250cc

For more details of current models, please follow this link.

To rent off road motorbikes and find out the best bike for you, please watch the below video. For more videos, you can visit our YouTube channel.


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