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Things To Bring On A Vietnam Motorbike Tour – Vietnam Motorbike Hanoi Rental


What to bring on your Vietnamese motorbike tour(s) is one of the most common questions we received. In this page, we will try to cover as much as possible.

As you probably know, Vietnam is a tropical country and we have four seasons in a year. This is correct in the Northern part of the country where we are based. Below is a list of what to bring on a Vietnam motorbike tour. Please check and decide for yourselves what you really need.

In conclusion, please look at the photo at the bottom of this page and just ride with minimum luggage.

Spare Parts

Spare ignition keys, Puncture repair kit and/or install tire sealant, a tool kit, some spare inner tubes, spark plugs and brake shoes. We will provide these when you collect your bike(s), a typical set weights 3-5 kg.

Credit Cards

Easy to find ATMs and hotels accept them. In Vietnam, cash is still the best!


You know what you need. Tablets and pills are available in Vietnam, most without prescription but bring what you know best or are used to is a good idea.

Duck Tape & Super Glue

These are not easy to buy in Vietnam.


Sunglasses and/or Reading glasses and/or spare glasses.

Touring Maps & Guides

Buy what you can from your home country, in Vietnam maps are not so detailed and clear.

Mobile Phone

Bring a basic phone or an unlocked smartphone. SIM is cheap in Vietnam and in addition pre-paid cards are easy and popular. Remember to bring your phone charger!

Tie Down Strap

Vietnam uses basic rubber elastic straps. If you have cargo nets or better straps with a hook, bring them with you.


With empty memory card or extra cards, and batteries/charger. Recently, smart phones are so good with taking photos so you may think about bringing one and leave the camera at home.

Sun Block

Anything you can buy to protect from the UV.

Swimming Costume

Vietnam has many lakes and rivers, swimming is good when it’s hot.


Sizes in Vietnam won’t fit you, take yours is a good idea. If not, buy local ponchos. Rain jackets and pants are too small in Vietnam!


Lightweight and warm/waterproof gloves.


People wake up very early, around 5am. Also, animals will make noise.


Balaclava, T-shirt, socks & underwear, long sleeved shirt, turtleneck shirt, extra jeans, light jacket, leather chaps, zip-lock bags, riding boots, bandannas, and goggles.

Personal Items

Like basic toiletries, emergency cash, medical devices (if any).

Emergency Items

First aid kit, emergency contact number, list medical conditions, list medications, and flashlight.


Small towel, bath towel, and trash bags.

Just contact us if you have any suggestion or idea of what to bring to add or want to know about current road and weather conditions.

Vietnam Motorbike Hanoi Rental - Things To Bring On A Vietnam Motorbike Tour. Vietnam Motorbike Rental advices on what to bring for your Vietnam motorbike tour

Other Essential Things

Safety riding gear 
Motorbike lesson
Driving license
Mechanic basics
Travel documents

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  1. Paul How Reply

    Me and my son are looking to go to Vietnam in August for a week is that a good time

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Hello Paul. August is hot and you might expect shower in the late afternoon. Northern Vietnam may have tropical typhoons and landslides in the mountains.

  2. Jaziel Petrone Reply

    Hi, I’m planning a 3 weeks trip in Vietnam from July 6 to July 25. I would like to rent a bike. I’m starting my trip in Hanoi and living from Ho Chi Min. His it possible to rent a 200cc from your company? How much would it be?

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Dear Jaziel Petrone,

      Thank you for contacting us.

      We are based in Hanoi only and unfortunately haven’t provided one-way motorbike hire yet.

      There are some companies who offer one-way rentals but sadly they don’t use same quality or bikes like our fleet so sadly we can’t recommend. You could easily find them through Google.

      Let us know if we could assist you in any other way.

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