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Spend Or Save On Your Vietnam Motorbike Tours? – Vietnam Motorbike Hanoi Rental


When it comes to budgets, riders usually hesitate in choosing between a guided or a self-guided adventure. The question is “Spend or Save in Vietnam”. Many people know or hear that Vietnam is a motorbike nation. However, not many people realize that over 90% of bikes are under 125cc. Big touring bikes are not so many. In addition, Vietnam is truly a dangerous place to ride, probably second only to India. Therefore, people have reasons to save and so to spend.

Managing traffic off-road, here come the water buffalo. Vietnam Motorbike Hanoi Rental - Spend Or Save On Your Vietnam Motorbike Tours?


You should only save if you have very good riding skills. Moreover, you need to know mechanic basics and can handle things on the road. These include getting lost and found, checking engine oil, adjusting drive chain tension and putting oil on the chain, fixing flat tires in the middle of nowhere, replacing a broken clutch/throttle cables, know how dangerous animals are on Vietnamese roads and finding places to eat and stay etc. The reward is discovering Vietnam your very own way. This way allows you to make many more new friends who you will only find out if they are good or bad after saying goodbye.

Please note that traffic rules are strange in Vietnam and local people don’t normally communicate in English.

Some customers thought Vietnam was simple and easy while they knew little about bikes or didn’t do enough planning. Of course, in the end, they didn’t have a good time. Therefore, save if you know how to manage things on your own unguided trips.

Vietnam Motorbike Hanoi Rental - Spend Or Save On Your Vietnam Motorbike Tours?. Enjoying a motorbike tour on a guided trip organized by Offroad Vietnam


Many customers trust us and want to be in safe hands and they were all happy after their guided trips. They either hire a guide from us or book a fully supported, guided motorbike tour with everything included. They only need some money to pay for drinks on the road.

Vietnam Motorbike Rental selects the finest local food and comfortable rooms on these guided trips. We don’t save because we know you spend hundreds or thousands of Dollars to come here to enjoy a different experience, not just to save a few bucks every day. A few customers told us they didn’t pay taxes to build this country so it’s natural that they needed to pay more and didn’t feel being ripped off!

Stretch your budget a bit and with our guides, you will see more than 50% of Vietnam that you never experience on your unguided tours. Don’t save if you know nothing about mechanic basics and how to manage things in a foreign country where little English is spoken. In the end, especially with expensive mobile phone roaming costs, you may end up paying more than a guided tour and have troubles on the road.

Click here to watch a typical Hanoi busy traffic at 10am. This is actually the easiest road to escape Hanoi from the North-west end following the Red river. Watch it and decide for yourself if you can handle this kind of traffic or you need a guide to lead you on your trip.

That’s it, straight forward thoughts to spend or save on your Vietnam motorbike tours and hopefully, you could make your decision easier.

If you have any suggestion or ideas, please contact us.

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  1. pi Reply

    Hi. I am Pi and I am a professional motorbike rider. I want to rent an enduro or cross motorbike. I am wondering about your price 1 day and 8 days? and can I pick it up in Hanoi but drop in Ho Chi Minh City? I wait for your mail.

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Hi Pi. Sadly we don’t rent bikes for just one day because we don’t have storage for the bikes within the day. Minimum of rental is from three days. If you want to do one-way rental, 8 days is not enough to ride from Hanoi to HCMC. We suggest at least 10 days to cover this 2000-ish ride. Speed limit here is 50-70km/h and on average you ride around 40km/h and 200km/day is very tiring. For one-way rental we need to to pay a full deposit of the bike (3,000$US) and we refund in HCM minus rental and train shipping to Hanoi. We have only one office in Hanoi and no office down in HCMC. It’s kind of expensive so let us know if you are happy with this and we will send further details.

  2. Jamie Reply

    Hello I have the same sort of question, I have 6 experienced riders to do an 7-8 days. Ride with guide and bikes only in December.

    Can you please let me know rough price of bikes (250cc trail if poss) and guide?


    • Anh Wu Reply

      Hello Jamie,

      You do a semi-guided trip and every guide rides with maximum 5 riders. If you are six riders you need to pay a supplement.

      The bike rental is 35$US/day and a guide plus his bike is 120$US/day. This means you pay 330$US/day. Then you pay everything on the road for yourselves, our guide and fuel.

      A deposit is needed to secure a booking and we will send payment details if you decide to book.

  3. Sue Elliott Reply

    Looking to have a motorbike adventure in Feb/March 2017 (is this good for weather?)
    I have 6-8 adults. All experienced riders (not all on dirt, mostly road) I have 1 good mechanic and 2 strong men. Also 2 women riders. ages 26-40.
    We have around 16 days and would like to make a one way trip from Hanoi – Halong – Sapa – Lao Cai…Inland HWY to coast and finish Da Nang? Or can circle back to Hanoi if time allows. Is this nice trip for us to see mountains, caves, relax at beach and travel amazing roads?
    We would like a guide and bikes only please. Can you give advice and cost please?

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Dear Sue Elliott. Please check your email for a detailed reply. It’s too long to paste it here.

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