Scooters are very popular in Vietnam. Due to the low-speed limit (25-60km/h) and crowded traffic, big bikes don’t work in Vietnam. Small scooters go everywhere and this is a real commuter for both local people and foreigners on short distances like in big cities and the surrounding areas. Vietnam Motorbike Rental provides the best scooter rentals Hanoi, all scooters are new or near new, no crap bikes. They are genuine Japanese Hondas, no Chinese copy cats or other brands.

Vietnam Motorbike Rental owns a fleet of new Japanese Honda scooters from 50 to 125cc like Sym Elegant, SYM Elite, Honda Super Cub 50/70cc, Honda Wave 110cc, Honda Vision 110cc, Honda Lead 125cc, and Honda Air Blade 125cc. All were made in Vietnam and parts are everywhere. You could hire on a daily basis or a cheaper monthly basis. These scooters are good for beginners and novice riders and work in Hanoi to commute to work.

Just contact us with your inquiry (provide as many details as possible). We will get back to you with a quotation for scooter rentals Hanoi.

Newer Scooter Rentals Hanoi

Many shops use old or very old bikes like Yamaha Nouvo, SYM Attila, or even Chinese no-names. However, Vietnam Motorbike Rental uses only Honda scooters and they are new models. We understand the importance of having a good scooter in scary traffic like Hanoi. If the engine stops while you ride on a busy street then guess what? Somebody can hit you from behind because you don’t give any warning. Worst of all, a big thing like a taxi or bus then you don’t want to be in that situation? So think twice for yourself about the most reliable bike in Vietnam by asking local people or simply by looking at streets in Hanoi. Honda accounts for at least 70% of bikes! That number tells a lot, we don’t need any explanation.


Small scooter rentals Hanoi, GN-50 50cc fully automatic
Small scooter rentals Hanoi, SYM Elegant 50cc semi-automatic


Scooter hire Hanoi, Honda Wave semi-automatic 110cc
Scooter hire Hanoi, Honda Vision fully automatic 110cc


Scooter hire Hanoi, Honda Air Blade fully automatic 125cc
Scooter hire Hanoi, Honda Lead fully automatic 125cc

More options

Our shop has more motorbikes you can hire. To know which motorbike/scooter is the best for you, please watch the below video. For more videos, you can visit our YouTube channel.


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