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Vietnam Motorbike Hanoi Rental – Tour Guide Rental For Your Vietnam Motorbike Tours


Tour guide rental for your two-wheel tours in Vietnam adds more value to the whole experience. In this page, we will go into details to help you decide whether you need him or not.

One of our customers had this to say: “If this is your first visit to Vietnam take a guide with you. The help you get is invaluable and chances are he’ll save you money when it comes to bartering when you go shopping as well as helping you to get to know the people. Vietnam is a different world, it’s a beautiful country filled with the happiest friendliest most helpful people I have ever come across but it’s different, different in a pleasant way and you’ll need help coping with that difference.

In addition to hiring good and reliable touring or off-road motorbikes in Hanoi, Vietnam Motorbike Rental strongly recommends hiring a local tour guide who is also a professional rider. For an idea of how our guided tours look like please visit our YouTube channel with videos from our guide’s helmet cam and also by customers.

Vietnam Motorbike Hanoi Rental - Tour Guide Rental For Your Vietnam Motorbike Tours. Tour Guide Rental For Your Vietnam Motorbike Tours and have a great time. Enjoy your trip and leave everything behind for us

A guide worth it?

The guide rides with a group of no more than 6 riders to guarantee maximum personal attention and safety of riders. Without him, you can only experience 50% of what you could be able to see.

More value

Get local experience, ride where you can’t find on your own. With years on bikes, your guide knows all secret roads and remote areas away from the tourist trails.

Stay with local host families in their villages. Many home stays were not made for tourists, therefore they don’t need any promotion. In other words, that’s just a seasonal business they offer. You can’t just find them on your own.

More support

There is no language barrier. While you are on our tours, your guide helps with translation. Therefore, you fully understand what locals say or speak.

You won’t have to worry about staring eyes. Our guides have friends or relations everywhere. Believe it or not, foreigners riding in remote areas look like spies to local authorities and they don’t like this.

Leave all bike works with us. Your guide takes care of them and does service or maintenance if needed. He will ride the same type of bike like you. In case any problem occurs, he will change it for you. Without a guide, local mechanics will try to charge you much more. Even worse, some dishonest repair shops find a way to cheat you about parts and prices. This already happened on many self-guided trips.

Finally, you don’t worry about a rip-off. Your guide helps with negotiating local prices. You have options and know how much to pay before you buy or order anything.

Safer riding

There is almost no chance of getting lost. Our guides know Vietnam as good as the back of their hands.

You can avoid danger from Vietnamese crowded and scary traffic. Our guides lead the groups and warn you of any dangers with his body language. You will be in safe hands throughout your trips. While riding, they make sure that you won’t ride off piste as in the below picture.

Vietnam Motorbike Hanoi Rental - Tour Guide Rental For Your Vietnam Motorbike Tours. Tour Guide Rental For Your Vietnam Motorbike Tours helps avoiding accident or off pist

That’s it, straight forward explanation and hopefully, you could make your decision easier. In case you need more information of Tour Guide Rental For Your Vietnam Motorbike Tours, please contact us.

Click here to watch a video clip of where our guide could take you to. Are you ready?

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  1. Tony Reply

    Hi Anh Wu,
    Some mates and I are planning on doing a 10-day motorbike tour out of Hanoi next year but only 2 of us have motorbike licenses and won’t be able to swap over to a Vietnamese licence due to the reasons you have stated.
    Will this lack of a license prevent us from being able to hire motorbikes and a guide or are companies happy to rent to unlicensed riders?
    What would be a good itinerary for 10 days out of Hanoi that includes the Ha Giang loop?

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Hello Tony. We sent a detailed (long) reply via email. Please check that reply and let us know what else you need us to provide. Thanks.

  2. Pamela Van Valen Reply

    Hello. I am a US citizen and will be in Sapa, Vietnam in November. We will be staying at Cat Cat View Hotel and would like to rent 2 motorbikes to travel the Tokinese mountains (and maybe stay with a hill tribe; guided tour) and some of the other sites. I currently have a US enhanced drivers license and motorcycle license. What else may I need to operate the motorcycle? My daughter has only a US drivers license. What will she need to operate a motorbike when we arrive and how do we get it? Thank you.

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Dear Pamela. Sadly, both of your licenses (US & IDP) are not legal here in Vietnam due to the signing of the different Conventions on Road Traffic Rules. Therefore, you will be riding without a license in Vietnam. We are based in Hanoi and are not able to offer anything in/from Sapa. You can do some research and ask companies/shops in Sapa, we have nobody to recommend.

  3. Tina Boskovich Reply


    2 friends and I are wanting to ride motorbikes from Saigon to Mui Nee to De lat to Nha Trang. We are hoping to do this in 3 days and are looking for a guide who can accompany us. Is this a possible option?

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Thank you for contacting us.

      We are based in Hanoi only and sadly can’t offer anything from Saigon. You can do some Google search and contact companies based in Saigon. Unfortunately, we have no contact to recommend.

      Enjoy your ride.

  4. Liz Reply

    Hi, my son and his friends are planning a trip to Vietnam and want to use motorbikes as a part of their trip. As insurance is a big issue and one of the boys has a mild disability, is it possible to hire a rider and a bike so they could go pillion. Would this satisfy insurance issues?

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Yes, it’s possible. What dates are you looking at?

  5. Steve Reply

    Hi. I see on a web page that the decree allowing International Driving Permits, is no longer valid, from Dec 2017. What happens now with guided tours, is there no insurance available?

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Dear Steve. Vietnam still accepts IDP but must be issued under 1968 Convention on Road Traffic Rules, not the earlier 1949 Convention. If you don’t have 1968 Convention IDP and home country driving license (with motorbike endorsement) then you won’t be insured unless you have a special arrangement with a travel insurance policy.

  6. CJ Reply

    Hi, my boyfriend, an experienced rider, and I are planning a trip for Hanoi Feb 7-12ish 2015. We are thinking about renting ONE motor bike for a few days to go to the hills and country side. No specific route but we’d like to go beyond the tourists towns unless recommended. Please can you advise:
    1. What type of bikes you have that would fit us? he is 180cm and me 160.
    2. What route would you suggest if we have 3-4 days?
    3. The cost for hiring a local guide and the rental.
    many thanks in advance.

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Hello CJ. From what you said, we could offer a semi-guided motorbike tour. The cost of the tour is bike rental (see the links) plus 100$US/day for the guide and his bike. Then you pay things on the road as you ride, for yourselves, the guide and fuel. Bikes you can hire from us are:
      Honda road bike CGL125 manual new 2014 model: 15$US/day/bike.
      Honda dirt bike new 2013/2014 XR125L manual: 25$US/day/bike.
      Honda dirt bike manual XR250: 35$US/day/bike.
      In 4 days we recommend this itinerary.

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