Guided motorbike tours from Hanoi on this page are run by Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures. Our company doesn’t just provide excellent Japanese Honda motorbike rentals for years but also offers memorable Vietnam full packages. We will sit down with you or exchange emails to tailor make a trip of your lifetime to Vietnam. This is the best way to not worry about the local driving license. However, you’d better get a personal medical insurance policy that covers Vietnam. With our professional team, you will be in safe hands!

Videos Of Vietnam Motorbike Tours

To have some idea about the Vietnam motorbike tours that our company provides, please watch the below video or visit our YouTube channel.


Why Ride Guided?

There is no better way to experience Vietnam than to take guided motorbike tours. Two wheels are the mean of transport most Vietnamese people use. High mountain roads, rain forests, mountain passes, friendly and colorful ethnic groups, clear water sand beaches, and (terrace) rice paddies to name a few, Vietnam is far too beautiful through bus windows. To travel in lesser-known areas of Vietnam, we’ll tailor affordable Vietnam motorcycle holiday itineraries to your interests and riding ability. Ride Vietnam now! Some of Asia’s most unforgettable scenery awaits you.

We ride mainly in the Northern mountains of Vietnam including Northwest, Northeast, Sapa via roof roads, Ha Giang and Dong Van karst Geo-Park, Central North, and Halong Bay. If you wish you can ride down South on the coastal road on Highway 1 or the new Ho Chi Minh road and end anywhere you want like Hue, Hoi An, Nha Trang, or Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).

Our guided motorbike tours start in Hanoi, from one day to as long as you want. Typically, allow 7 to 10 days for a motorcycle ride that covers most of the Northern mountains of Vietnam.

Best Vietnam Motorcycle Tours Routes

Below you find our most typical tours, from just one day to as long as you want. Everything is possible to customize while riding.

Short One-Day Motorbike Tours Around Hanoi

Short Motorbike Tours Around Hanoi guided motorbike tours on two wheels

In just less than 10 hours, you could join us on this special motorbike tour to explore the surrounding areas of Hanoi. It’s not a known Hanoi you ever know or hear about! There are a few options to choose from. This tour caters to different riding experiences, expectations, and budgets. Despite the short ride, this tour is best for intermediate and experienced riders. Getting out of Hanoi in the morning and back in the afternoon is not easy for inexperienced riders.

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Mai Chau – Best Two Days Escape Away From Hanoi

Mai Chau - Best Two Days Escape Away From Hanoi guided motorcycle tours

What if you don’t want crazy Hanoi motorbike traffic and have two days? In this case, you can do a longer ride in two (or even three) days tour to Mai Chau Valley and Pu Luong Natural Reserve. Mai Chau is a district in Hoa Binh province, not far away from Hanoi. This place is home to a few hill tribal people such as Thai, H’mong, Dao, Muong, etc. Once there, you will experience great food, sleep in a stilt house of Thai people, and possibly join the Xoe dance.

Mai Chau is, in fact, a very popular weekend motorbike tours our customers booked. From Hanoi, you can easily get there in about five hours following river roads until Hoa Binh. Then you head up the mountain up and down to Mai Chau Valley.

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North-Centre Roof Roads To Sapa of Northern Vietnam In 5 Days

North-Centre Roof Roads To Sapa of Northern Vietnam guided motorbike tours

Hoang Lien is the highest mountain range in Northern Vietnam. Fansipan, known as the top or roof of Indochina is on this range, near Sapa. High elevation, cool weather, terrace rice fields, impressive views, and colourful hill tribes all make this a fantastic off-road motorbike tour in just 5 days. Given Sapa is a very touristy place, the roads to get there and back are just wonderful. Come ride with us and see amazing roads, and views and meet friendly people. This motorbike tour is most suitable for experienced riders.

Looking at the above photo, we will ride through many terraced rice fields. Imagine how great it is if you ride at the time the crop is ready.

Please follow this link to a sample itinerary.

7 Days Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tours

7 Days Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tours from Hanoi

Northeast Vietnam is one of the most scenic areas in Northern Vietnam. Despite the low and medium mountains, breathtaking landscapes like Cao Bang mountains, Ba Be Lake, Ban Gioc waterfalls, and Highway 4 plus the warm and friendly Tay and Nung people will definitely make you feel very welcome. This motorbike adventure is recommended for both experienced and inexperienced riders.

On the other hand, if you want to take it a bit harder, we can ride further to Bao Lac and ride to Cao Bang on rough roads. At Ban Gioc Waterfalls, we also have some challenging tracks for you. These options can be arranged if your riding skill is at least from the intermediate level.

To have a sample itinerary please click here.

Northwest Vietnam Motorcycle Adventures

Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tours

This is a far-away motorbiking adventure. For a long time, Northwest Vietnam is known as a very beautiful place but the roads are quite rough. There are more hill tribe people living in this area than anywhere in Vietnam. In addition, you take in some of the most stunning mountain views. Due to recent road works and landslides (in summer) and cold, misty weather (in winter), this motorbike adventure is best for intermediate and experienced riders.

We recommend this 7 days itinerary.

Scenic Ha Giang, Ban Gioc Falls & Historical Highway 4

Scenic Ha Giang, Ban Gioc Falls and Historical Highway 4 guided motorbike tours on two wheels

You may wonder what’s the most beautiful motorbike ride in Vietnam. The above destinations are great but the best is right here. This is, in fact, the most scenic and popular tour that we provided to our customers. We don’t find enough words to say about the beauty of high mountain views in Ha Giang, Dong Van Geopark, Cao Bang, Ban Gioc waterfalls, and old Highway 4. Not only the scenic landscape, but you will also experience the local way of life in homestays in host families & stilt houses.

This is truly Vietnam’s best motorbike ride that shows YOU a REAL VIETNAM! The roads in this area are less travelled than in the Northwest and the scenery is much more beautiful than anywhere in Vietnam. Join this trip and you will have it as one of the most fantastic rides of your life!

Get details of 8 days motorbike in this scenic area here.

Ho Chi Minh Trail/Road Two Wheels Voyages

Historical Ho Chi Minh Trail/Road guided motorbike tours on two wheels

Ho Chi Minh trail is so famous that BBC Top Gear made a special show ever by motorbike called Top Gear Vietnam Special. This was back in 2008, a long time ago but many riders still want to watch that show over and over again. If you want to retrace the Top Gear route and see how bad the war was then ride this itinerary. In addition, American veteran riders are also welcome! Vietnamese people didn’t care about the Vietnam/American War as much as before. This expedition is good for both experienced riders because the riding hours is quite long.

Honestly, this motorbike voyage does not focus on people or views but on culture and history. Therefore, expect lower mountains, and more flat terrain. On the other hand, this ride is varied and diverse in many ways. You experience a complete Vietnam inside out.

We can design this tour to end anywhere, the straight route takes 12 days.

Customized Vietnam Motorbike Holidays

Customized Vietnam Motorbike Holidays guided motorbike tours on two wheels

If all of the above is not what you are after, then book a customized trip. You need to be an experienced rider because we likely ride on more challenging roads. In addition, you also need to stretch your budget a little bit because we do unexpected things. You have total flexibility in where to eat and stay. In return, you experience Vietnam in a way that not many people did before. The experience is special and unique and you will remember for long.

Tailor Your Vietnam Adventures

Contact us with your inquiry and questions. We then will get back to you with more budget details and the information you need.

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