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Honda XR250 in Ha Long Bay.Honda CGL125. The latest model of GL series.Honda Super Dream 110cc 2014. The current model of Honda Dream for rent in Hanoi.Honda Lead 125 2014. The second model of Lead series.
One-Day Motorbike Tours Around Hanoi
In just less than 10 hours, you see another Hanoi. Despite of the short ride, this tour is best for intermediate and experienced riders.
Mai Chau - Best Two Days Escape Away From Hanoi
What if you don’t want crazy Hanoi motorbike traffic and have two days? In this case, you can do a longer ride in two (or even three) days tour to Mai Chau valley and Pu Luong Natural Reserve. This tour works for both experienced and less experienced riders.
North-Centre Roof Roads To Sapa of Northern Vietnam
Hoang Lien is the highest mountain range in Northern Vietnam. Fansipan, known as top or roof of Indochina is on this range, near Sapa. Come ride with us and see amazing roads, views and meet friendly people. This motorbike tour is most suitable for intermediate & experienced riders.
Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Northeast Vietnam is one of the most scenic areas in Northern Vietnam. Despite of the low and medium mountains, breathtaking landscapes like Cao Bang mountains, Ba Be lake, Ban Gioc waterfalls and Highway 4 plus warm and friendly Tay and Nung people will definitely make you feel very welcome. This motorbike adventure is recommended for for both experienced and inexperienced riders.
Northwest Vietnam Motorcycle Adventures
This is a far away motorbiking adventure. For a long time, Northwest Vietnam is known as a very beautiful place but the roads are quite rough. Due to recent road works and landslides (in summer) and cold, misty weather (in winter), this motorbike adventure is best for intermediate and experienced riders.
Scenic Ha Giang, Ban Gioc Falls & Historical Highway 4
You may wonder what’s the most beautiful motorbike ride in Vietnam? You just found it. Not only the scenic landscape, you will experience local way of life in home stays in host families & stilt-houses. This tour works for both experienced and less experienced riders.
Ho Chi Minh Trail/Road Two Wheels Voyages
Ho Chi Minh trail is so famous that BBC Top Gear made a special show ever by motorbike called Top Gear Vietnam Special. This was back in 2008, a long time ago but many riders still want to watch that show over and over again. If you want to retrace Top Gear route and see how bad the war was then ride this itinerary. This tour is good for experienced riders only due to the long riding hours.
Customized Vietnam Motorbike Holidays
If all of the above are not what you are after, then book a customized trip. You need to be an experienced rider because we likely ride on more challenging roads.
Off Road Motorbike Hire In Hanoi
We offer 2013-2015 Honda XR125 (20$US/day) and 2016 Honda XR150 (25$US/day) dirt bikes. Those want a bit more power can hire 2000-2005 Honda XR250 (35$US/day). These are the best in the mountain for off road riding.
Honda Sport Touring CGL125
This is the cheapest and it works well on sealed roads. The cost is 15$US/day.
Semi-automatic Scooters
Semi-automatic scooters are easy to ride and safer than fully automatic scooters. It's the most popular for expats who need a commuter. We provide only Wave and Super Dream/Cub series 2013-2015 models. Cost of rental is 50$US/month (for riding in Hanoi) or 10$US/day (for long distance trips)
Fully-automatic Scooters
Fully-automatic scooters are good for expats to use as a commuter without worrying about changing gears. However, they cost more than semi-automatic scooters. The price is 80$US/month (2013 Honda Vision 110cc) or 120$US/month (2013-2014 Honda Lead 125cc)

Vietnam Motorbike Rental – Hanoi-Based Motorbike Rentals & Guided Motorcycle Tours Business


Vietnam Motorbike Rental is a business of Offroad Vietnam Adventures. You landed on our page because you are:

(1) looking for the rental of quality touring bikes, dirt bikes and scooters in Hanoi and/or
(2) not interested in cheap Chinese copy of Honda Win 100cc or disappointed with it and/or
(3) wanting to hire a professional English speaking tour guide and/or
(4) searching for fully guided & supported Vietnam motorbike tours and/or
(5) having more questions about motorbike rental in Vietnam.

Honestly, we compete on quality of services and assistance (in perfect English) to customers while they are on the road. Therefore, our prices are not the cheapest but you have our support whenever you need and this is invaluable. We will get straight to the point based on the current Vietnamese conditions. There is no lie and no nonsense answer.

Due to our small office and parking issue in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, short motorbike rentals (less than 4 days) could be not available at times.

Vietnam Motorbike Rental – Experience Requirement

If you are intermediate or experienced riders who are good with manual clutch bikes then read on. On the other hand, if you are beginners who never ride a motorbike before then you need to do a riding lesson or just log out. This may sound rude but that’s how we care about your safety. Honestly, we need business and money but also want things clear and safe. Many shops may not tell you the way we are doing! Reasons will be explained below.

Vietnam is really not a place to start riding motorbike due to busy and scary traffic. About 24 people die on the road every day and at least 70% is from accidents involving motorbikes, so motorbike riding experience is required. Safety should be on top of everything. We, in fact, don’t encourage beginners to experience Vietnam on two wheels! It’s hard to satisfy everyone because people have different expectations and nobody is perfect.

Vietnam Motorbike Rental – Planning Before You Ride

Plan carefully, get details of the areas you are visiting, learn how to manage by yourselves and with our assistance you would have a great trip. This means you must be very dependent.

Many riders heard conflicting things about Vietnam motorbike driving license and insurance when looking for motorbike rental in Vietnam. It’s not as difficult as you probably know, just follow the links and find out solutions. The good news is IDP (international driving permit) is now valid in Vietnam from August 1st, 2016 with the 46/2016/ND-CP decree.

To know whether a self-guided motorbike rental or guided Vietnam motorbike tour is better for you, please click here.

Vietnam Motorbike Hanoi Rental - Hanoi-Based Motorbike Rental & Motorcycle Tour Business. Honda dirt bike XR250 motorbike rental in Hanoi, Northern Vietnam. Either for guided or unguided motorbike tours.

Vietnam Motorbike Rental – Unguided Motorbike Tours

This website offers professional off-road motorbike rentals, touring motorcycle hire and scooter for rent in Hanoi, Northern Vietnam.

To make sure you have bike(s) when you come, we would like to have bikes booked and paid. If you wait until you arrive in Hanoi then there is no guarantee that the bikes you want are available.

Hiring a motorbike and explore Vietnam on your own is probably the cheapest way. You need to manage and handle things on your own, from bike service, maintenance to finding roads, restaurants, and hotels. Getting lost is likely but as many said that’s also part of an adventure! If you want to save money but are not able to handle things, in the end, you lose money!

We have been providing near new or latest models of scooters in Hanoi. Only genuine Honda products, no other brands or Chinese fakes. Please take these details into account when you decide which bike to hire, ask about bike model and year of manufacturing and don’t just look at prices. Our rates are not the cheapest but competitive and the quality is among the best.

Why we use Honda motorbikes only?

To date, Vietnam Motorbike Rental is still the company that provides only genuine Honda bikes from 100cc to 250cc in Hanoi. We don’t use Chinese motorbikes or other brands. Our motorbike fleet includes the latest 100-125cc semi-automatic or fully automatic scooters, latest 125cc manual touring bikes or 125-150cc dirt bikes and the older but still reliable Honda XR250. You would wonder why? Here are a few:

– Honda means “motorbike” in Vietnamese, as much as Google means “search”;
– Parts and repair shops for Honda motorbike are everywhere in the country, as plentiful as restaurants and hotels on the road. There are over 700 Honda authorized dealer shops and countless repair shops around Vietnam;
– Honda bikes are cheap on fuel.

Scooters for long trips

We regularly received inquiries from customers asking about hiring scooters for long trips. Please note that we don’t recommend them because scooters were designed for cities, not long distance. If you are trying to save some money or have limited riding skills, you likely have a very tiring trip with scooters. All in all, it’s not a fun but exhausting experience! In reality, scooters are only good if you ride short distance (80-120km/day) and at a low pace.

One-way motorbike rental from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City

We have only one office in Hanoi. Therefore, we only offer one-way motorbike rental if:

– You start in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC or Saigon) and
– Pay for the shipping of the bike(s) from one end to the other end (from 100$US/bike) and
– Pay a deposit for the bike (1,000 – 2,000$US each depending on the type of bikes) plus bike rental money.

For the deposited money, we can refund via a bank in Vietnam (if in VND) or a jewellery shop (if in USD). In case there is any damage or replacement then we will deduct from this deposit.

Another possibility is when you rent a bike in Hanoi, then finish in HCMC and you fly or take the train back to Hanoi, we won’t ask for a cash deposit. You just need to give us your ID card or driving license or any card with identity. Then we arrange to ship the bike back from HCMC and you pay this cost. Meet us in our Hanoi office, give us the bill of shipment from the train station and get the deposited paper back.

Vietnam Motorbike Rental – Motorbike & Tour Guide Hire In Hanoi

Apart from just motorbike hire, Vietnam Motorbike Rental also assists in providing a guide to get you into the right direction and put you in safe hands. The guide is 4-in-1: guide/leader/mechanic/translator. He adds a lot more value to the whole experience of your motorbike tour in Vietnam. He knows many secret roads that you can’t be able to find in maps or by yourself. You choose what to eat and where to stay on the road. In the end, you have total flexibility and at your own pace.

Vietnam Motorbike Rental – Fully Guided Motorbike Tours Through Vietnam

If budget allows, stretch your spending a bit and book a fully guided and supported motorbike tour. This is the best way to ride safely in Vietnam. You just enjoy your vacation while we do the rest. In fact, this is the cheapest way to ride a lesser-known Vietnam. Our guides are local Vietnamese who have been riding bikes for years and have so many friends on the road. They know Vietnam as good as the back of their hands and you never miss a bit of Vietnam. We will select the best fresh food and most comfy hotels wherever we ride. It’s not worth to save some money in exchange for bad services on the road, especially after many riding hours!

Popular Vietnam Motorbike Rental’s motorbike tours itineraries

Vietnam motorbike tours can be from just one day to as long as you want. However, most travellers have a month or so to visit the whole country. Below are the most popular tours that we suggest.

One day around Hanoi. Visit some traditional villages, pagodas or mountains.

Two days to Mai Chau. Ride to South-west of Hanoi via Hoa Binh, Tan Lac to Mai Chau.

Five days motorbike tour from Hanoi to Sapa via Nghia Lo, Than Uyen, Sapa and Vu Linh.

Seven days of Northeast Vietnam motorbike tours via Vu Linh, Ba Be lakes, Cao Bang, Quang Uyen, Ban Gioc waterfalls, Highway 4 and Lang Son.

Seven days motorbike tour of Northwest Vietnam through Mai Chau, Son La, Tuan Giao, Muong Lay, Lai Chau, Sapa, Thac Ba lake and Vu Linh.

Eleven days motorbiking of scenic Ha Giang & Northeast via Nghia Lo, Than Uyen, Sapa, Bac Ha, Ha Giang, Yen Minh, Quan Ba, Dong Van, Bao Lac, Cao Bang, Quang Uyen, Ban Gioc waterfalls, Highway 4 and Lang Son.

Twelve days on Ho Chi Minh Trail/Road from Hanoi to Saigon (HCMC) via Tan Ky, Phong Nha, Dong Hoi, Khe Sanh, Hue, Danang, Hoi An, Central Highlands, Kon Tum, Buon Ma Thuot, Nha Trang and Da Lat.

Customized Vietnam motorbike tours for your riding ability and special requirement.


Vietnam Motorbike Hanoi Rental - Hanoi-Based Motorbike Rental & Motorcycle Tour Business. Reviews, comments on Offroad Vietnam tours and services on TripAdvisorTo comment on our products, you can log on TripAdvisor website and post your reviews for our business at this link. Use your Facebook or Google Plus account or just create a new account easily. They ask for reviews of tours within a year. However, you are still able to send reviews of your tours that started earlier by selecting date any of the dropping down 12 months. Also, you don’t need to go into details of your tours or number of days you rode with us, just general reviews. Please keep it short and clear, less than 10 sentences is best.

Kick Start Your Vietnam Motorbike Adventure!

Just contact us now and we will tailor make a tour, not like the norm and you definitely see a real Vietnam off the tourist tracks! You can do it either guided or unguided. In case you want to find us in Hanoi, please use the Google Maps in the footer below.

Details we need from you

In your email please provide us with as much information below as possible. Otherwise, a general reply from us would be very long with many questions (see further down). Thank you.
– The number of people:
– Expected date and duration:
– Your preferred touring bike(s):
– Riding experience, ride solo or double:
– Food and accommodation preference:
– Your expectations:
– Any special requests you may have and anything you can tell us.

Typical email replies

Below are the most typical replies we sent to our customers. In fact, these replies answer most of your questions so let’s check them out.

General Vietnam Motorbike Tour Inquiries
General Vietnam Motorbike Rental Inquiries
Used (Second Hand) Bike Purchase Inquiries
Hiring A Car In Vietnam, Self Driving?
Multi-countries Tours Crossing The Border?

Vietnam Motorbike Rental contact details

Address: 34-36 Nguyen Huu Huan street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
Tel: 3926 3433 (call in Hanoi). 02439 263 433 (call else where in/from Vietnam). +824 439 263 433 (call international)
Mobile: 0913 047509 / 0982 050225 (call in/from Vietnam). +84 4913 047509 / +84 4982 050225 (call international)
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