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Our Motorbike Rental Business

Welcome to the official homepage of Vietnam Motorbike Rental! a business of Offroad Vietnam Adventures. You landed on our page because you are:
(1) looking for rental of quality touring bikes and dirt bikes in Hanoi or
(2) wanting to hire an English speaking tour guide or even
(3) searching for a fully guided and supported Vietnam motorbike adventure.

If you are intermediate or experienced riders who are good with manual clutch bikes then read on. On the other hand, if you are beginers who never ride a motorbike before then you might need to do a riding lesson or log out. Vietnam is really not a place to start your motorbike riding due to busy and scary traffic. About 30 people die on the road everyday, so motorbike riding experience is required. This means we don’t encourage beginners to experience Vietnam on two wheels!

To know whether a self-guided or guided tour is better for you, please follow this link.

This website offers professional off-road motorbike rental business, touring motorcycle rentals and scooter rentals in Hanoi, North Vietnam. We are part of the larger Offroad Vietnam 2 & 4 Wheels Adventure Travel.

Many riders heard conflicting things about Vietnam motorbike driving license and insurance. It’s not as bad as you probably know, just follow the links and find out solutions.

Our business the first and originally company that hires out only Japanese Honda motorcycle. To date, Vietnam Motorbike Rental is still the only company that provides only Honda bikes. You would wonder why? Here are a few:

- Honda means “motorbike” in Vietnamese, as much as Google means “search”;
- Parts and repair shops for Honda motorbike are everywhere in the country, as plentiful as restaurants and hotels on the road;
- Honda bikes are cheap on fuel.

Large group of a Vietnam Motorbike Rental motorbiking group

Apart from just hiring the basic inquiries of motorbike rentals, Vietnam Motorbike Rental also assists in providing a guide to get you into the right direction and safe hands. The guide is a real value as he’s 3-in-1: guide/mechanic/translator. Most of our customers also want us to assist in reserving finest Vietnamese food and decent hotels to stay on their fully supported guided journeys. It’s really the easiest and the best way to have great adventures as we all come from Vietnam, know the country, people, customs and traditions as much as the back of our hands.

If budget allows, stretch your spending a bit and book a fully guided and supported motorbike tour is the best way to ride safely in Vietnam. You just enjoy your vacation while we do the rest. In fact, this is the cheapest way to ride a lesser-known Vietnam. Our guides are local Vietnamese who have been riding bikes for years and have so many friends on the road. They know Vietnam as good as the back of their hands and you never miss a bit of Vietnam.

Just contact us now and we will tailor make a tour not like the norm and you definitely see a REAL Vietnam off the tourist tracks! You can do it either guided or unguided. If you want to find us in Hanoi, please use the Google Maps below at the footer.